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Singularity 6 Layoffs: Adjusts Staffing Levels Following Palia Launch

Singularity 6, the development studio behind the life simulation game Palia, has announced significant layoffs, affecting approximately 35% of its workforce. This decision comes just a few months after the game’s open beta release.

In a statement provided to IGN on April 5, Singularity 6 expressed their commitment to ensuring the long-term success and quality of Palia. The studio explained that the layoffs were necessary to align their resources with the ongoing needs of the game.

“After evaluating the support required to maintain the highest quality gameplay service for the long term following Palia’s release on Steam, we have made the difficult decision to reduce our workforce,” the statement read. “This decision impacts around 35% of our talented and hardworking team members.”

Singularity 6 emphasized that the decision to lay off employees was not a reflection of their performance, and they are dedicated to assisting affected individuals through the transition process.

“We value their contributions and are committed to supporting them throughout this process, including severance, work-placement and career guidance assistance, and retainment of all company-provided development equipment,” the statement continued.

Despite the layoffs, Singularity 6 affirmed their continued commitment to supporting Palia and its community.

“We remain committed to delivering passion in imagination, and maintaining the dedication and creativity that our community expects and deserves,” the statement concluded. “We appreciate your understanding and support of our studio and affected team members.”

Palia, which entered early access in October 2023, is still in open beta, with plans for ongoing content updates and bug fixes.

The layoffs at Singularity 6 come amid broader industry challenges, with companies across the gaming sector experiencing workforce reductions. With the gaming industry facing continued volatility, studios are making strategic adjustments to navigate changing market conditions and ensure the sustainability of their projects.

Kenyan Hospital Lays Off 100 Striking Doctors Amid Ongoing Nationwide Strike

In Nairobi, Kenya, the Kenyatta University Referral Hospital has made the decision to terminate the employment of 100 doctors who have been participating in a nationwide strike that has persisted for nearly a month, the hospital’s management announced on Tuesday.

The hospital stated that it has recruited new doctors to replace those who are currently on strike.

The nationwide strike, initiated by doctors across Kenya in mid-March, seeks to address issues related to inadequate pay and poor working conditions.

President William Ruto addressed the strike on Sunday, asserting that the government lacks the financial resources to meet the demands of the striking doctors. He emphasized the importance of living within the country’s means and stated that borrowing money to pay salaries is not a sustainable solution.

Despite the president’s comments, the doctors’ union remains resolute in its stance. On Tuesday, hundreds of doctors participated in protests and submitted a petition to parliament, urging lawmakers to intervene in the ongoing labor dispute.

This is not the first instance of doctors in Kenya resorting to strikes to highlight their grievances regarding pay and working conditions. In 2017, a similar strike lasted for 100 days, resulting in fatalities due to inadequate medical care. The strike concluded with the doctors’ union reaching an agreement with the government to increase their salaries.

However, doctors now assert that certain aspects of the 2017 agreement have not been implemented, prompting the current wave of strikes across the country.

Layoff Planning: What You Need to Know

Layoff planning can be complicated. Sometimes layoffs are months in the making; other times they need to happen quickly. And many companies don’t consider the “after” in their planning, which can be equally if not more important for your business continuity.

With all the steps that need to be taken before, during, and after a layoff, it’s easy to miss an important detail. Here, we offer resources to help you with layoff planning to ensure that your organization, exiting employees, and remaining workforce emerge from the event as unscathed as possible. 

We have articles and guides to use as a reference as you prepare, select employees, choose benefits and arrange severance packages, handle notifications, communicate the layoffs to your remaining employees and help them adjust to the changes, and more.

Resources for Layoff Planning

Planning the layoff

Here’s how to select employees for elimination during restructuring.

Refer to our RIF checklist to make sure you don’t miss any important steps.

Best practices for layoff notifications

How to relay the news to impacted employees.

Use our scripted guide to make layoffs easier.

What to do when employees have difficult responses to the notification.

Be empathetic, but to the point, and many other tips for the notification meeting. 

What should and shouldn’t you say during the notification meeting?

Virtual layoffs have become commonplace. But they still need to be handled with care.

Support your impacted employees while protecting your brand

Find out how outplacement can help your organization during layoffs.

What should you look for in an outplacement service? And how to select an outplacement provider?

Read our Essential Guide to Outplacement, to understand all the ways the benefit can help your impacted employees and your organization.

Understand the specific ways outplacement can help your senior employees transition.

Learn about severance packages, how to create them, and what they should include.

How to communicate layoffs to your remaining workforce

Here are 5 steps to communicating the news to your remaining employees.

What NOT to say when communicating layoffs.

Moving on after the layoffs

Layoffs are difficult for remaining employees, too. Here’s how to help them bounce back.

Here are 5 tips for supporting your remaining workforce after a layoff.

It’s important to boost morale after layoffs. Here are 7 ways to do it.

Protecting your organization

Avoid layoff discrimination to protect your organization from lawsuits.

Be sure your layoffs are legally compliant by understanding the WARN Act

Know how to write the layoff notice.

Write a layoff letter to have an official record of the notification, using our template.

Mitigate negative blowback from your customer base following a layoff.

This list will help you maintain your remaining employees and your reputation after a layoff.

Layoff Planning and More: Subscribe for the Latest in Best Practices

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LianBio Lays Off Half of Workforce as Biotech Begins to Wind Down

Laid off employees
Laid off employees

LianBio, a Chinese biotech firm, has announced plans to wind down its operations following a four-month strategic review, resulting in the layoff of 50% of its workforce.

The decision to cease operations comes after the departure of both the CEO and CFO in December 2023, signaling significant internal challenges. Despite an acquisition offer from Concentra Biosciences, which LianBio’s board deemed inadequate, the company has opted to begin the process of winding down immediately.

In a statement released today, the Shanghai-based biotech disclosed its intention to sell off remaining assets, with the dissolution and asset sales expected to conclude by the end of the year. However, the complete dissolution of the company is not anticipated until closer to 2027.

LianBio has already initiated asset sales, including relinquishing China rights to the cardiovascular drug mavacamten to Bristol Myers Squibb and ceding rights to the radioenhancer NBTXR3 to Johnson & Johnson.

Proceeds from asset sales will be distributed among shareholders before the final dissolution. Nonetheless, the company cautioned that there is no guarantee of recovering original investments.

Additionally, the biotech plans to reduce its workforce further throughout the year, with a core team retained to oversee the wind-down process and maximize remaining asset value.

The company aims to delist shares from the Nasdaq by March 18, coinciding with a special cash dividend of $528 million to holders of its American depository shares.

Despite ending September with $252.2 million in cash and equivalents, LianBio initiated a strategic review following the sale of mavacamten rights to BMS in October. However, specific reasons for the decision were not disclosed.

The announcement follows similar steps taken by other biotechs, such as Vyant Bio, which recently disclosed plans to wind down operations and implement workforce reductions.

Paramount Global lays off 800 employees following record Super Bowl ratings

Paramount Global announced significant layoffs, affecting approximately 800 employees, just one day after celebrating record-breaking viewership for the Super Bowl, CEO Bob Bakish revealed in an internal memo on Tuesday.

The layoff, which represents about 3% of Paramount’s workforce, was confirmed by a source familiar with the matter. As of the end of 2022, Paramount Global employed around 24,500 full-time and part-time workers.

Employees affected by the decision were notified on Tuesday, according to Bakish’s memo, where he expressed confidence that these adjustments would support the company’s strategic objectives for the upcoming year.

Following the news, Paramount’s shares experienced a 4% decline in morning trading.

The anticipated job cuts were first reported by Deadline in January, as Paramount Global navigates potential merger and acquisition opportunities. Recent discussions have involved Skydance Media and Warner Bros. Discovery, according to CNBC reports.

Paramount Global, which boasts assets like CBS, Paramount Pictures, Pluto TV, and Paramount+, had previously signaled the need for streamlining operations in an internal memo dated January 25. Bakish emphasized the necessity of operating more efficiently and reducing expenditures.

Despite the success of Super Bowl 58, which garnered an estimated record-breaking 123.4 million viewers across all platforms, Paramount+ continues to incur losses each quarter, reporting a $238 million loss in the third quarter. The company’s fourth-quarter earnings are scheduled for release on February 28.

The Super Bowl, aired on CBS, commanded a historic average of $6.5 million for a 30-second advertisement, as reported by Guideline, contributing to CBS’s substantial additional revenue, particularly due to the game’s overtime between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

UPS lays off 12,000 managers as AI automates tasks


  • UPS announced plans to lay off 12,000 managers, primarily citing rising labor costs and declining revenue.
  • The company aims to save $1 billion through this move and leverage new technologies like AI to improve efficiency.
  • Additionally, they’re restricting remote work options and requiring employees to return to the office full-time.
  • This decision has faced criticism for potential impact on morale and knowledge loss.

Analysis with a neutral perspective:

UPS’s move to automate management positions highlights the potential of AI to disrupt traditional workplace structures. While cost-saving remains the immediate driver, the long-term implications for job security and employee satisfaction warrant further analysis. Notably, concerns exist regarding the loss of experienced personnel and the impact on work-life balance.

Specific audience approach

  • Investors: UPS streamlines management through AI, aiming for $1 billion savings.
  • Workers: UPS lays off 12,000 managers, remote work restricted.
  • Tech enthusiasts: AI takes over at UPS, replacing 12,000 management roles.

Humorous take

UPS says “hasta la vista” to 12,000 managers, robots take the wheel. Get ready for AI-powered deliveries (and fewer coffee breaks).

Amazon Health Division Initiates Layoffs Amid Resource Reallocation

In an internal memo leaked to CNBC, Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health Services, revealed that the retail giant’s health care division would undergo significant workforce reductions, impacting hundreds of employees.

The memo, sent on Tuesday, cited a strategic decision to reallocate resources within the division, with a focus on enhancing customer-centric innovations and experiences.

Lindsay acknowledged the substantial growth experienced by Amazon Pharmacy, One Medical, and Amazon Clinic over the past year. Despite this growth, the company has opted to streamline its operations, resulting in the elimination of several hundred roles across One Medical and Amazon Pharmacy. Lindsay emphasized the importance of reallocating resources to prioritize investments in inventions and experiences that directly benefit customers of all ages.

Typically, Amazon waits to communicate layoffs directly to affected employees before making public announcements. However, due to the leak of internal information, Lindsay took the initiative to address the situation promptly and transparently. Expressing regret over the external disclosure, he reiterated the company’s commitment to handling such matters internally to ensure clear communication with impacted employees.

Alongside the announcement of workforce reductions, Lindsay highlighted Amazon’s achievements in the health care sector over the past year. He emphasized the reinvention of the Amazon Pharmacy experience, aimed at improving affordability and convenience for customers through initiatives like RxPass, automatic coupons, and strategic partnerships. Additionally, the expansion of Amazon Clinic nationwide has garnered high customer satisfaction ratings, reflecting the company’s dedication to enhancing the care experience.

Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical in July 2022 for $3.9 billion signaled its commitment to transforming the health care landscape. One Medical’s comprehensive medical services, spanning in-office care, digital visits, and other offerings, align with Amazon’s vision of making health care more accessible and affordable.

During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy highlighted the growth trajectory of its pharmacy sector, underscoring the success of initiatives like One Medical and Amazon Pharmacy. The integration of primary care services into Amazon Prime membership, offered at a nominal fee of $9 per month or $99 per year, further demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to expanding access to quality health care services for its customers nationwide.

Ting Internet Announces Layoffs Amid Evolving Fiber Sector Trends

Ting Internet, a prominent internet service provider based in Charlottesville, has revealed plans to reduce its workforce by 13% across North America- according to a report by The Daily Progress. The decision comes as the company navigates shifting trends within the fiber sector, citing the need to adapt to evolving business dynamics.

Neith Myrick, Ting’s senior vice president and head of community affairs, emphasized that the restructuring reflects the changing landscape of the fiber industry over the past decade. “Based on the evolution of our business — and the fiber industry — over the last decade, our needs today are different than they were when Ting Internet first started,” Myrick stated, highlighting the rationale behind the workforce reduction.

The layoffs will impact 72 Ting employees across various business teams and geographic markets in North America. Among those affected are three employees based in Ting’s home state of Virginia, where the company operates in Charlottesville and Alexandria. Myrick clarified that the decision was part of the company’s strategic planning process, aimed at aligning resources with current business priorities.

Ting’s decision to streamline its workforce comes amidst broader trends in the technology sector, where numerous companies have implemented layoffs in response to economic challenges exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic and persistent inflation. Notably, the tech industry has seen approximately 25,000 job losses in 2024, with an additional 100,000 tech workers laid off in 2023.

While many tech giants attribute the layoffs to economic factors, industry analysts offer alternative perspectives. Jeffrey Shulman, a professor at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, suggests that tech companies may be influenced by a “herding effect,” where layoffs contribute to short-term gains in stock prices. Similarly, Stanford University business professor Jeffrey Pfeffer describes the phenomenon as “copycat layoffs,” indicating a trend of companies following the lead of others in restructuring their workforce.

T-Mobile, another major player in the telecommunications industry, announced workforce reductions in August, targeting 7% of its employees, including approximately 5,000 individuals in the technology sector. The company cited efficiency and cost reduction as primary motivations for the layoffs.

Despite the workforce reduction, Ting Internet remains committed to delivering exceptional service to its customers. Myrick expressed gratitude for the contributions of affected employees, emphasizing their role in shaping Ting’s success over the past decade. “Any change is hard, but we’re so grateful for the team members who aimed high and helped build Ting with us over the past ten years,” Myrick affirmed, underscoring the company’s unwavering dedication to customer service amidst organizational changes.

Grammarly Shifts Focus Towards AI, Lays Off 230 Employees


Grammarly, the widely-used writing assistant tool, has announced significant changes as it gears up to embrace the future of AI-enabled writing. The company, known for its platform that aids users in correcting grammatical errors and enhancing writing skills, has decided to lay off 230 employees to realign its focus towards AI development for the workplace of tomorrow.

The decision comes amid discussions within the industry about the potential role of generative AI bots in replacing human writers. With this in mind, Grammarly aims to leverage AI technology to provide advanced writing assistance to its subscribers, helping them refine their writing skills in an evolving digital landscape. The move reflects Grammarly’s commitment to delivering responsible AI solutions for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their productivity through effective communication.

In a memo shared with employees and posted on the company’s blog, Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury emphasized the strategic shift towards AI-enabled workplace solutions. He stated, “As we strengthen our focus toward driving the AI-enabled workplace and deepen our technical investments in AI, we will need a different mix of capabilities and skillsets.” The restructuring aims to optimize collaboration and streamline operations to better align with Grammarly’s vision and goals.

It’s worth noting that the layoffs are not driven by financial constraints, as Grammarly reaffirmed its strong financial position. Instead, the workforce reduction is a proactive measure to prepare Grammarly for the forthcoming AI-driven future. Departing employees will receive severance packages, including a minimum of three months’ base pay and continued health insurance benefits for up to six months for U.S.-based team members.

To assist affected employees in transitioning to new opportunities, Grammarly is offering support services such as career coaching, resume review, and access to transition resources. Furthermore, the company plans to create an “available talent” list, showcasing the expertise and achievements of departing employees for potential employers to consider.

Looking ahead, Grammarly is optimistic about the transformative potential of AI in the workplace. CEO Roy-Chowdhury expressed confidence in Grammarly’s ability to lead the charge in leveraging AI to enhance productivity and communication. He stated, “We see massive opportunity as every individual and business begins to harness the power of AI.” Grammarly aims to build upon its existing foundation to deliver even greater value to its customers, driving positive change in the evolving landscape of workplace communication.