In Nairobi, Kenya, the Kenyatta University Referral Hospital has made the decision to terminate the employment of 100 doctors who have been participating in a nationwide strike that has persisted for nearly a month, the hospital’s management announced on Tuesday.

The hospital stated that it has recruited new doctors to replace those who are currently on strike.

The nationwide strike, initiated by doctors across Kenya in mid-March, seeks to address issues related to inadequate pay and poor working conditions.

President William Ruto addressed the strike on Sunday, asserting that the government lacks the financial resources to meet the demands of the striking doctors. He emphasized the importance of living within the country’s means and stated that borrowing money to pay salaries is not a sustainable solution.

Despite the president’s comments, the doctors’ union remains resolute in its stance. On Tuesday, hundreds of doctors participated in protests and submitted a petition to parliament, urging lawmakers to intervene in the ongoing labor dispute.

This is not the first instance of doctors in Kenya resorting to strikes to highlight their grievances regarding pay and working conditions. In 2017, a similar strike lasted for 100 days, resulting in fatalities due to inadequate medical care. The strike concluded with the doctors’ union reaching an agreement with the government to increase their salaries.

However, doctors now assert that certain aspects of the 2017 agreement have not been implemented, prompting the current wave of strikes across the country.